Research Proposal on Water and Sanitation

Water and sanitation are very important for human life, for the normal existence of every small town and big city. The priority task of every government and leader of the country has always been the proper water supply and sanitation. Without safe pure drinking water one will not be able to live well. Clean water is essential for many activities and purposes: drinking, cooking food, bathing, dish washing, drinking water for the cattle and pets, etc. Evidently, in order to achieve pure water the humanity or at least the country should reduce water pollution and use the water resources wisely.

Unfortunately, the water is often wasted and not appreciated at all. The wasted is polluted with many kinds of wastes, like domestic, industrial, agricultural, etc. All the wastes decrease the level of sanitation which affects the human life badly.

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The level of sanitation depends on the quality of water greatly. If there is no pure water, it is impossible to maintain sanitation, because most often dirty water is the source of bacteria and epidemics. No wonder, in overpopulated areas the polluted rivers and lakes cause diseases and epidemics, but people have no choice and continue consuming the dirty water and fall ill. Sanitation is maintained with the help of proper sewerage systems, filters and technologies which clean the water before pouring it back into the rivers and seas.

Sanitation and proper water supply are the most essential factors of normal life for people and these two factors are interconnected. A clean city with high quality sewerage and strict pollution control is a good environment for the normal life. The high standards of food and environment sanitation protect people from dangerous diseases which are transmitted with dirty water and pollutants, so it is important to maintain hygienic means for the safety of our life. A student who wants to complete a water and sanitation research proposal will have to be prepared to know more about the topic than it is expected. The topic is quite interesting and much can be told about it, so a student will need to improve his knowledge of the problem of sanitation considerably. One should be able to brainstorm several totally new ideas and methods which can help people maintain sanitation and improve the quality of water.

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