Research Paper on Serial Killers

A serial killer is the murderer who has killed a great number of people, and his crimes have some common features and manner of execution. Every serial killer is regarded like a mentally ill person.

The history has known a great number of serial killers who committed dozens of crimes and puzzled police seriously. Every serial killer is a challenge to a good detective who has to solve the “puzzle” and stop the range of crimes and catch this killer. The most common motive for serial killers is attention and fame seeking. They try to commit crimes in such a way to leave special signs and completed these crimes with their own style, often victims have had something in common – profession, race, gender, age, type of clothes.

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The psychologists have investigated the cases of serial killers and found many common things connected with their character. Nearly every serial killer was neglected and abused in childhood and his crimes can be characterized like a revenge for the lost childhood and desire to make people suffer like the killer used to suffer being a kid.

The topic of serial killers is quite serious and interesting for every student who studies law and crime. Moreover, case connected with the serial killers are very interesting and useful for young people who study psychology, because every criminal suffers from a certain mental disorder, which makes him commit crimes. So, every successful research paper should contain deep analysis of the behaviour of the killers, factors which caused to commit crimes and the consequences of the crimes (it may be valuable experience for the police to investigate crimes of this way).

Students who have to prepare a research paper have many questions concerning its organization. First of all, they do not know how to start a research paper on serial killers properly, because it is really difficult to compose a good paper being an inexperienced student. If one wants to complete a well-analyzed paper, he has to read much on the topic. The most appropriate sources will be books, articles in periodicals and publications dedicated to the problem and free examples of research papers serial killers.

When a student finds reliable data, he will be able to complete high-quality investigation and draw wise conclusions on the topic. Free samples of research papers on serial killers will be very useful, if one does not know how to write a paper correctly, how to present, analyse data and support point of view properly. A sample will be helpful to understand the composition of the paper and the way of writing in the whole.

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