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The U.S. Department of Education introduced new rules, facilitating organization of the separate school educating for boys and girls. The secretary of the U.S. Department of Education Margaret Spellings reported it to journalists.

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According to her, new rules give an opportunity to local school administrations without any difficulty to create “unisexual” classes for the whole education process or for separate classes, for example, mathematics, and schools.

“Some students study better in classes without opposite sex students,” – said Spellings.

The “single gender classrooms is another opportunity to most full to satisfy the needs of our student,” – declared Spelling.

According to Leonard Sax, the director for the National Association for Single Sex Public Education, since 1998, the amount of schools in the USA offering the separate educating of boys and girls grew from four to, at least, 223.

Today, there are schools having at least one single gender classroom in 32 states of the country. In opinion of Sax, in connection with the introduction of new directives in the near future a rapid growth of the schools practicing the separate educating is expected.

According to him, new directives from the Department of Education will substantially facilitate the organization of experiments with the separate educating in American schools. “These innovations in regulations for the U.S. public schools were offered as early as in 2004. Their adaptation can be a stimulus for thousands of educational institutions to join the program of the single gender educating,” – underlined Sax.

According to the representative of Department of Education, the organization of separate form of educating was settled only on condition of the simultaneous opening in the same region of analogical educational establishment for the representatives of opposite sex with the purpose of providing of equal rights for both sexes on education. In accordance with new changes in the regulation for schools, these limitations were lifted.

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