Research Proposal on Girl Child Education

Girl child education is the involvement of the female children into the process of education. Evidently, years ago an educated girl was quite a rare phenomenon. Till the beginning of the 20th century families concentrated on educating their male members, because educating girls did not meet their cultural, financial and ethic requirements. In the majority of the countries of the world girls were deprived of the chance to gain education, because they were believed to have completely different functions in the life of the society: motherhood, household duties, etc.

No one believed that women could take the active part in politics, scientific investigations, health care, etc. so most of them did not attend school and saved this priority to the males. In fact, the situation has changed and girls have the right to receive education and they have proved that they are worth it, because today the world has many women-doctors, politicians, inventors, biologists, engineers, etc and there is hardly a sphere in the human life which exists without the effect and contribution of women.

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Unfortunately, millions of girls all over the world do not have the opportunity to receive education because of the existing prejudice and traditions. For example, millions of girls in Africa, Asia, especially India are deprived on education because of poverty, low level of the social intelligence and other reasons. There are numerous international programs which invest money into the development of girl child education, because every child has the right to receive education and reveal his skills and hidden qualities and reach success in future.

Girl child education is the priority for every civilized country, because high level of intelligence of both males and females will contribute to the improvement of the life in the country. When the student has become interested in the research of the problem on girl child education, he is expected to prepare a good research proposal which will persuade the professor to permit him to investigate this topic deeper. A good girl child education research proposal should express the aim of the research, predictions concerning its results and the relevance of the topic and its value for the discipline.

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Custom Research Proposal on Girl Child Education

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