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Social Security is efforts related to offset the impact of different types of events, which are characterized as social risks: sickness, disability, old age, survivor, unemployment, etc. These efforts can be expressed in different policies, which are aimed at the design of a legally structured system of social security.

In the Middle Ages, social security of disabled, sick and aged people was provided by family, as well as the corporation, with which belonged the individual: church, shop, farming community, monastic order, etc. With the rapid development of industry in the second half.of the nineteenth century, social policy passes gradually into the hands of the state.

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The earliest forms of modern social security appeared in Germany under Bismarck in the late nineteenth century. Soon, the elements of social security started to spread to other European country. After the Russian Revolution, European governments began massively provided social legislation in an effort to calm the masses and avoid disasters.

On 14 August 1935, the U.S. President Franklin D. Roosevelt introduced the Social Security Act as part of the New Deal program. It focused on a program against unemployment and poverty and provided old-age insurance for employees.

Bismarck’s model of social security (co-management employees and employers, proportionality of benefits and contributions to salary, benefits from compensation for loss of earning capacity) generally opposes that of Beveridge (the state management, tax funding, uniform services, general system, universal benefits, which are to compensate for basic needs, hence the very low level).

Students, who choose to write a research paper on the social security topics, will have a lot of work to do. This complex issue contains many different components and each of them is indispensable part of the puzzle. The social security reform should be studied separately because of its great importance. The topic is of a great potential, and with the correct approach can yield great dividends to a researcher.

To prepare properly a research paper on social security, you must carefully developed approach to its writing, to examine existing research on the subject, to analyze the main causes of this phenomenon, and to understand the most important stages of its development. You have to structure your research proposal, work out the procedure that will indicate key arguments of your study and elaborate your opinion on the matter.

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