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The Theraphosidae, or tarantulas, are a family of mygalomorph spiders.

They are nocturnal animals. Their bodies usually reaches up to 2.5 to 8 cm (not counting the legs), or 8 to 20 cm (with the legs). Their average weight is between 60-90 grams.

To write a decent research paper on tarantulas, it is very important to learn that all these animals have venom glands. However, it was noticed that the spiders from the American continent, for the vast majority, have less powerful venom than the species from Africa and Asia.

Tarantulas of the genus Poecilotheria Selenocosmia and Heteroscodra are among the most venomous. Handle a tarantula presents risks for both the animal and for the breeder (change of the terrarium, leak of a specimen, reproduction, etc.).

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As a last resort or for feeding, the tarantula bites by planting its hooks into the victim. At this time the tarantula do not inject the venom. The injection is voluntary, especially since the venom production requires a lot of resources. Therefore, it does not necessarily use it, depending on its intentions to kill or scare the victim. The dose of venom injected is in the order of one or two milliliters.

The art of weaving is very useful. This is also where lies the first line of their defense. The fabric prevents many predators to approach the tarantula. It also insulates the ground and prevents the growth of fungi while keeping a certain humidity.

The fabrics used to repel predators and trap prey. Woven cloths can be stinging (with bristles filed by tarantulas) and slimy.

However, this is not the only defense and prevention.

It should however be noted that the behavior of the tarantula is far from aggressive. Indeed, it seeks only peace, and when disturbed by a predator, it prefers to flee and then bully and attack only as a last resort.

This is explained very simply, and logical reasoning. If the tarantula is in contact with a predator, it risks its life, so best to go unnoticed, and to scare the predator in question, and therefore logically, ultimately, risking its own life to try to control the individual nuisance.

His defence in order of priority are:

  • Immobilization;
  • Concealment and flight;
  • The bombardment of stinging hairs (African tarantulas, Asia and Australia have none);
  • Distract and take flight;

Water jets are another defence of tarantulas gender Aviculariawell. They can launch a very fountain specific from the tip of their abdomen. This compound is simply jet of water mixed with feces.

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