Research Proposal on Wetlands

A wetland is the territory which is covered with water seasonally or all the year round. A wetland is a specific ecosystem, because some animals, insects and plants can survive only in such lands.

Generally, there are several types of water in wetlands (freshwater, brackish and saltwater) and every of them determine the sort of plants and the species of the animals which live there. There are different types of wetlands and most of them have the image of swamps, bogs, marches and fens. The ecosystem existing in the wetland is extremely rich, because there are thousands of plants, insects, birds and animals which coexist together. The largest wetlands are generally located in South America and a great number of the international organizations protect their flora and fauna. The role of the wetlands is extremely high.

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These territories serve as the enormous reservoirs of water which is used not only by animals and plants but by people. Wetlands serve like the natural filters and they absorb all the pollutants from the water that is why the water on the surface is always clean. Moreover, wetlands serve as a good help for agriculture. Every wetland is located in the basin of a certain big river, so the soil is quite rich there and people use this quality for their purposes in agriculture. Wetlands regulate the level of water and prevent from floods. They absorb much rainfall and snowmelt water in their boarders and do not let it flood vast territories. This conservational ability of wetlands is useful for the surrounding villages and towns because it prevents them from floods and provides them with water.

The slightest harmful impact of people on the life of a wetland is extremely dangerous for the whole ecosystem. There were cases when people dried the wetlands and as a result all the fauna and flora of the ecosystem was destroyed and the people lost the single source of water for the domestic purposes, drinking and agriculture. A well-organized wetlands research proposal should be based on the deep knowledge about the ecosystem of a wetland. A student should convince the professor that the topic is worth research and provide his with the facts which prove that wetlands play a very important role for the ecosystem, for the life of animals and people and the economics of the area.

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