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A tattoo is a modification of a body, made with ink which is introduced into the skin and changes its pigment with various colors. This type of body modification is a great field for analysis. Nearly every tattoo has its meaning, symbolizes something. Tattooing was introduced in Europe not long ago, in the end of the 18th century when sailors who visited different islands and tribes discovered tattoo signs on the bodies of aborigines. Tattooing is becoming more and more popular every year and people from all over the world make tattoos from different intentions and for various purposes.

Historically, tattoos are popular among the cultures and tribes of Africa, Asia and a range of islands in the Pacific Ocean.

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Today professional tattoos are very popular among people of all over the world and the phenomenon has become really fashionable. A great number of tattoo masters appeared who are ready to make wonderful artistic tattoos on any part on the body.

Every tattoo is considered to have its special meaning and function. The representatives of tribes drew various symbols on their bodies which symbolized different natural phenomena, like rain, sun, freedom, etc. The representatives of the criminal world used different tattoo symbols to determine themselves to a certain gang, a place of imprisonment, the kind of crimes they committed. No wonder, the police pays special attention to the tattooed people thinking they are criminals or at least had certain experience connected with it. Artistic and professional tattoos often do not possess any meaning, but play the role of a piece of art. So, the topic is really vast and interesting and students who decide to write a research paper on it will be really pleased and will find many new facts.

A well-composed research paper on tattoos and piercings should be interesting, informative and possess a logical structure. One has to devote much time to understand the history of tattoo and realize its meaning for different people and different historical periods. Tattoo and piercing has become the part of a mass culture and one has to analyze the positive and the negative sides of this fashion. One should pay attention to the aesthetic and medical side of the question, because often tattoo and piercing effect the human body badly (the risk of being infected during the process, or the risk of allergy on paint and metal).

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