Research Proposal on Risk Management

Risk management is the system of processes which are supposed to count the possibility of a certain risk in any situation of different kind. Risk management is based on constant calculations, numbers, graphs, statistics, analysis of the potential of the organization under analysis and prediction of its possible failure or success. Risk management is mostly used for economics and business and helps businessmen realize risk, value and predict it. Under the term of a risk one understands a certain negative situation which can occur when business of the company happens to go wrong or not according to the plan. Speaking about business, risk management is very important here, because the success of the whole company may depend on it.

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For example, one should be able to predict a risk just analyzing the quality of goods and services, the popularity of these goods, their price. Very often risk is determined like a new step in the development of a company, new solutions and decisions. In this sense one has to demonstrate his knowledge and critical thinking ability to see how the company can be improved, what products are required by people, and what actions are required to cope with a certain business crisis. In order to control any risky situation a wise businessman should hire a good team of professional experts who are able to calculate and analyze all the perspectives of the successful development of business and value every decision which is important for the health of business.

Risk management is one of the most important points in the success of business of any kind, because business and profit mostly depend on risk and exist due to risk, so one should be able to manage risk and predict its possible results. A well-analyzed research proposal on the topic should be interesting, logically-composed and contain new ideas valuable for the research. Students have to research the topic on risk management from all sides to be able to analyze it from different sides, positive and negative and on the basis of the acquired knowledge write the proposal which can improve the data existing on the topic or at least analyze it critically. The proposal is expected to be interesting and persuasive, because a student tries to convince the teacher in the importance of the topic or a question in this paper.

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