Research Paper on Technology in the Classroom

Technology in the classroom is an umbrella term that describes a variety of methods, procedures, devices, and algorithms that are used in the process of education. The most important of such devices are computer equipped with appropriate software, telecommunications facilities and the information they provide.

The processes of introducing information technology in modern society are closely related to the processes of introducing information technology in all forms of educational activities and are characterized by the processes of improvement and wide proliferation of modern information and communication technology. Technology in the classroom defines today the processes of communication and interaction between the teacher and student. The modern teacher must not only have a deep IT knowledge, but also be an expert at using them in their professional activities.

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Thanks to the internet became available distance education, which is a special form of education for students. When using distance education, each student is working remotely with teachers. In addition, every high school student has an assistant, who helps him develop a schedule of educational activity. At the same time, the student is at home while learning, which leaves him some additional time for extra-curricular activities and recreation

Nevertheless, students writing their research papers on technology in the classroom have to realize that in certain cases the using of information technology in all forms of education can lead to a number of negative consequences, including certain negative factors of psychological and pedagogical nature. It is also necessary to mention a number of IT factors that have negative influence on the physiological condition and health of the student.

Moreover, it is very important to indicate that often one of the benefits of learning with the use of IT tools called individualization of learning becomes, regardless its obvious benefits, a major disadvantage associated with total individualization. Individualization curtails live interaction in the learning process between participants of the educational process – teachers and students, as well as students between each other, and offers them as a substitute “dialogue with the computer”.

All the existing issues, whether they have positive of negative effect on the educational process, should be closely considered in order to find the way to settle the problem and present possibilities to improve the methods of using technology in the classroom. To cope with this complex task, students have to consult free example research paper on using technology in the classroom.

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