Research Proposal on Classroom Management

Classroom management is the complex of efforts aimed at the maintenance of the appropriate behavior of students and the right educational process at the classroom. Naturally, educational process is quite a difficult process and it requires constant control and alternative approach. It is not easy to make students study and behave well during the whole day at school and teachers have to invent new techniques of classroom management all the time.

The situation at school is becoming worse gradually, because students feel free and behave negatively without the fear of consequences. It is obvious that years ago students were more well-bred, respected teachers and parents but nowadays the situation is totally different. Young people, especially the ones from high school, in their general mass do not have respect and responsibility which is required from everyone at school.

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Classroom management is supposed to help teachers control the student’s disruptive behavior and make the educational process effective. The main difficulty for teachers is to present the material for students in the atmosphere which is far from the working one. Every teacher has a certain plan of lessons and it is obvious that if he pays much attention to calm down the students, the quantity of the material will reduce and the quality of knowledge as well. Professional pedagogues, psychologists and others work hard to understand the student’s psychology in order to improve student’s behavior and increase the quality of the educational process. Obviously, numerous methods and techniques, strategies are invented quite often but they are not always effective enough.

The problem of classroom management is quite relevant and students who are interested in the professional regulations of the conflicts at school and the effective improvement of the student’s behavior have the chance to prepare a good research proposal which would contain the methods and practices which can improve the situation for the better. The main requirements of a research proposal are the explanation of the purpose of the paper, the methodology of the research, the methods used for the research and the constructive ideas which can be helpful for the solution of the problem on classroom management. The student should dwell on the cause and effect of classroom management and the difficulties it faces.

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Custom Research Proposal on Classroom Management

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