Research Paper on Transracial Adoption

Transracial adoption implies adaptation of a child by a couple of parents where each parent belongs to different ethnic or racial group. This type of adoption differs from other types, such as international and transcultural adoption, but may have common features.

There are many different reasons for this type of adoption to exist. The main is that white children are less available and requirements for the couple that want to adopt a white child are more demanding. In other cases, parents may feel a particular connection to the children of some race because of their culture or personal preference.

There are also different opinions on the subject by the adoption experts, some of which believes that one of the adoption parents should be correspond in color or culture with the child, as it will help the child to have normal cultural or racial identity. Other part suggests that race is not an important factor when adopting a child.

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They believe those caring parents to be able to give the child everything it needs. Another group of experts considers couples of the same race as more preferable, but believes that if there is no such family for some time, an interracial that will meet the child needs may be good enough for the adoption.

According to the statistics by AFCARS, two-third children waiting for the adoption were non-white and a half of all foster children were black. Other data from the 1997 NSFG indicates that single white women have no particular demands to the race of the child they want to adopt.
This topic seems to be very urgent these days as many people wonder if it is normal or ethical to adopt a child of different race or culture. Thus, university students may not be worried about choosing a topic with low relevancy.

As you may see, the subject of the topic is quite serious and implies serious attention to all aspects of the issue. That means that you have to examine the subject very close, trying to discover all the important issues that may help you to understand the topic as deep as possible.

To cope with this challenge, college student have to have sufficient level of skills in the area and be good enough to collect and process a great deal of data from reliable sources, structure and compose body of their paper according to the results of your investigation, and conclude it with persuasive and coherent conclusion, which will prove the urgency of the chosen topic.

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