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Veterinarian is a specialist, whose responsibility includes the diagnostic and treatment of animal diseases, as well as veterinary and sanitary control of the manufacture and sale of animal products. The specialty implies the use of medical instruments, pharmaceuticals, and chemicals.

These professionals work in a specialized veterinary clinics and pharmacies, organizations that process and sell animal products, farms, zoos, circuses, official Kennel clubs, and other places where there are animals. In addition, veterinarians work in supervisory bodies exercising control of animal products.

Today the profession, besides the animals healthcare, includes many different activities. Vets monitor the quality of meat, milk, eggs, and other animal products at the veterinary centers and stations, farms, departments of industrial and veterinary control, and vet labs. All the domestic animals are under constant supervision of a veterinarian, and he is responsible not only for their health, but also for the zoohygiene and vaccination.

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Animal products for sale have to undergo veterinary-sanitary examination. When there is a possible biohazard threat, veterinarian is authorized to confiscate and destroy these products. Customs and border veterinary control is very important today. In our time, when there is always a threat of a pandemic animal disease, such as avian flu, mad cow disease and so on, border veterinarians are the main hope for protection. In addition, all the food crossing the border must pass a rigorous test for the presence of these harmful chemicals and poisons.

For a long time, ever since man tamed animals, there is a need to monitor their health. Just as human, they suffer the same diseases: a cold, sore throat, stomach ulcer, and urolithiasis.

Treatment of complex diseases, of course, takes time. And vets first have to fight for the lives of their patients making decisions quickly, and for a long time continuously monitor them, while comforting the afflicted animal owners.

The profession requires doctoral or professional degree you can get in vet schools. Training includes the extensive study of biomedical sciences, chemistry, pharmacy, and basic animal husbandry. Veterinarians need a well-developed powers of observation, good memory, logical thinking, patience, and positive attitude to animals.

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