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Zionism is a political movement aimed at reunification and revival of Jewish people in their historic homeland, Israel, as well as an ideological concept fundamental for the movement.

The ideology of Zionism unites various movement different in their trends, from the left socialites to orthodox religious groups. Before the World War II, Zionism was one of the largest Jewish political movements (along with working-class movement the Bund, which struggled for the culture autonomy).

Those college writers who are about to write an interesting and argumentative research paper on the topic have to understand that the word “Zionism” is derivative from the toponym Zion (from Hebr. ????????), in addition, Israel is often named as “Zion’s daughter,” and Jew people as “Zion’s sons.”

Since the Babylonian captivity, Zion has become for the Jewish diaspora a symbol of the lost homeland. In this meaning it is often encountered in religious scripts and secular press.

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In the second half of the 19th century the toponym semantic was used for the name of a pro-Palestine movement Hovevei Zion. The term itself was coined by one of the earliest Zionism theoretics, the leader of the Ortodox Judaism movement Agudat Yisrael and Yiddishisme Nathan Birnbaum. It was first used in 1890 in the publications of his magazine Selbstemancipacion as a name of the party, which stood for the the return of Jews to Israel though the political activity, as opposed to the purely practical immigration policy by Hovevei Zion.

Nevertheless, up to the end of the 19th century, Zionism primarily meant practical activity aimed at the organization of agricultural communities in Israel. The same meaning has been put in the word by Theodor Herzl until The First Zionist Congress, which adopted the so-called Basel program joining political and practical aspects of the movement with the establishment of the World Zionist Organization, which consolidated most Hoveveis of Zion, whet the term received its today meaning.

In some sources, Zionism is regarded as a movement of Jewish people national liberation in the context te European national liberation movements of the 19th century. At the same time, the critics of Zionism regard it as a form of racism and racial discrimination.

Often the term is mistakenly used for the definition of any Jewish movement of the national trends, for example, the demand for the establishment of the national-cultural autonomy in Crimea, the right for immigration in other countries beside Israel, and even any struggle for the equality of rights for Jews.

The term “Zionism” is also often used by the proponents of the Judeo-Masonic conspiracy theory having antisemitism nature.

Zionism as well should not be confused with territorialism, which means the intention of part of Jewish people to establish the state on any territory, while Zionism is an intention to reconstitute the state exactly in Israel.

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