Research Proposal on AIDS

Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome is the disease which is caused by HIV infection. AIDS is characterized with the great number of disorders but its general negative effect is the complete disorder of the immune system of a person and as a result she can die probably from everything.

One can be infected by HIV in different ways, but generally by contacting mucous membranes or blood with the biological liquids, which contain the virus, for example, blood, sperm, breast milk, etc.

HIV is not transmitted by saliva and tears or in the domestic ways but can be transmitted during the unsafe anal, vaginal and oral sex; blood transfusions; the use of infected needles; pregnancy (from the mother to her child); breastfeeding, etc. It is generally known that AIDS is the final stage of HIV and its impact.

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HIV can exist many years in the organism gradually destroying the immune system and when the final stage – AIDS appears, the patients can not be cured. Unfortunately, AIDS and HIV can not be cured, but there is medicine which can reduce the effect of the disease and support the life of the patient. On the other hand, there is a case of the complete defeat of the disease with the help of the modification of the stem cells. AIDS is believed to be among the diseases of the pandemic character, because it is widespread in the world and millions of people suffer from it. Today, the disease can not be cured but it is possible to prevent it advertising safe sex and single use of the needles.

AIDS is one of the most urgent topics for discussion nowadays, so everybody should know about the disease and its transmission as much as possible. If the problem of AIDS has become interesting to a student, he can suggest writing a research proposal on it and later develop his ideas in a research paper. A successful AIDS research proposal should contain information about the meaning, the origin of the disease, the ways of its transmission, the methods of the reduction of its harmful effect, etc. One should try to brainstorm something new about the solution to the problem of AIDS and convince the professor in the relevance of the chosen topic.

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