Diabetes Research Proposal

Diabetes is the group of the endocrine diseases, which occur because of the absolute and insufficient quantity of the hormone insulin, the insufficiency of which increases the level of glucose in blood. The disease is characterized with the complete disorder in the processes of metabolism: carbohydrate, fat, protein, mineral, etc.

The most obvious symptoms of diabetes are the excessive thirst which is also called polydipsia and excessive production of urine (polyuria). Of course, these symptoms may be weak if the level of glucose is increased in the slight level. The history of the research of the disease of diabetes started long ago. Diabetes is the first disease familiar to the humanity, because in 1550 BC the disease of the excessive production of urine was described in Ancient Egypt. At the same time India described the disease related with the excessive production of urine.

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The scholars and doctors of Ancient Greece and Rome also paid attention at the description and understanding of the disease. The real research of diabetes started in the end of the 19th century and the scientists understood the real cause of the disease and invented the methods which can cure it. Nowadays the quantity of the people who suffer from diabetes is about 370 million and his number is growing constantly. It is known that diabetes is the disease which can be inherited, so if someone in the family fell ill with diabetes, there is a risk to gain this disease too. Today it is impossible to cure the disease, but it is possible to reduce the effect of the disease on the organism. In addition, there are several types of diabetes which can be cured easily.

Diabetes is a serious disease which requires urgent cure, because if the treatment is delayed, it becomes quite complicated to save the human life. If the student wants to dwell on the problems on diabetes and investigate the issue deeper, he can choose the topic for the analysis in a research paper. The research proposal should contain the enumeration of the most important points required for the research and the argumentation of the choice of the topic and demonstration of the expected results of the research. In addition, one should show what methods will be used for the research of the problem on diabetes.

A research proposal is a serious challenge for everyone, because the paper is big and has a logical and strict structure. The student can answer the questions related with the process of writing in a free example research proposal on diabetes mellitus found in the Internet. There are many pluses of a free sample research proposal on diabetes management and the most obvious one is the ability to see the ideal example of the successful paper on the topic.

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