Research Proposal on Analytical Chemistry

Analytical chemistry is a branch of chemistry which observes the principles and methods of separation and detection of the chemical structure of substances. Analytical chemistry appeared earlier than other branches of chemistry and is closely connected with non-organic chemistry. The quality and professional analysis of the substance helps to identify the definite quantity of the selected substance in the solute. The methodology of analytical chemistry is divided into classical and instrumental methods. Classical methods include precipitation, extraction, distillation and work on the quantitative detection of the solute on its colour, scent, temperature and melting point. Moreover, it is possible to measure the size, quantity and weight of the solute. Instrumental methods are quite limited and can measure only certain parameters of the solute – adsorption of light, fluorescence, etc. analytical chemistry appeared at the same time when people started speaking about chemistry and the necessity of separation of the components of solutes into different substances in order to find the right proportions and invent new solutes.

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The methodology of analytical chemistry appeared in the 19th century, though the majority of the worthy discoveries in this sphere were carried out after 1900. The 20th century was characterized with the invention of instrumental methods and their importance for the science as they provide experts with the answers to the most disturbing questions on chemistry. Before 1970s analytical chemistry focused on small particles, molecule and atoms, but later the science began to integrate into other sciences, like biology applying its achievements for the study of live organisms and the biological processes which occur in living organisms.

Analytical chemistry is a very important branch of chemistry which was supposed to be the start of the real chemical research. When the student is interested in writing a research paper about analytical chemistry and its peculiarities, he should prepare a quality research proposal at first to make the professor interested in the selected topic. One has to observe the history of analytical chemistry, think about its methodology, strong and weak sides, its achievements, etc in order to make an interesting and informative proposal which would reveal the most thought-provoking issues on the matter. The student has also to introduce the methods used for the research and share his expectations about the result of the investigation on analytical chemistry.

The student’s duty is to prepare a logical and interesting proposal which would convince the professor in the student’s knowledge and creativity, so the best way to complete a successful paper is to read a free sample research proposal on analytical chemistry online. One can see the right approach towards the investigation of the matter and organization of the text reading a free example research proposal on analytical chemistry in the Internet.

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