Research Proposal on Cash Management

Cash management is one of the services offered by banks to their clients, with the help of which the client can reduce his expenditures and manage his finance effectively. In the broad meaning cash management is connected with the sphere of finance and touches upon the questions of receiving, management and usage of finance and evaluation of the situation of the money streams and investment. Cash management embraces such services, as the management of the bank accounts, electronic banking, information services, card projects, etc. It is obvious that cash management is the marketing term for the certain services, which are connected with the cash flows, that are addressed to the large clients, who require high-quality and flexible management of their financial resources.

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Cash management can contain such services: cash pooling, cash concentration, zero balance account, trigger balancing, target balancing, etc. Cash pooling is the service which connects all the accounts of the client opened in the one bank into the one pool. There are two kinds of cash pooling: the first one is the cash concentration (the money from all the accounts are connected into the single pool) and notional pooling.

The service of cash management is quite a useful offer for customers, because enables them manage their cash wisely. In order to cope with the research proposal on this topic a student is supposed to read a lot and look through the reliable articles in encyclopedias, periodicals and the Internet. If one catches the main idea of cash management, he will be able to have a sober image of the service in his head and will probably have new ideas which will be effective enough to improve the methodology of the service. If a student has got an interesting thought about cash management, he has the right to write a research proposal to win the chance to prepare a research paper on the chosen topic.

A good research proposal is supposed to contain up-to-date interesting and thought-provoking data and wise brand new ideas. The paper should be composed logically and convincingly in order to persuade the professor that the topic is worth investigation. A student will have to introduce the literature review, methodology of the research and the list of the expected results with the conclusion of their value for the discipline.

The most serious trouble which can occur during the process of research proposal writing is the process of composition of the paper. The Internet and a free example research proposal on cash management is the effective piece of help for every student. If one does not have writing skills and is not aware of the principles of the persuasive manner of writing, a free sample research proposal on cash management is the best solution to the problem.

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