Research Proposal on E-Banking

E-banking or web-banking is the one of the types of the distance banking, which enables clients to take advantage of the services provided by a bank with the help of the computer under the assistance of the Internet. In order to get access to the services of E-banking one requires the standard Internet browsers Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Opera, Mozilla, etc, so it is obvious that one does not need to install any additional software. In the modern dynamic time people do not have the opportunity to wait long hours in the bank queues waiting for their turn to get access to the services they require. Years ago, when the Internet did not exist, all the services could be received only in the bank house. Nowadays the number of the people who use the banking services has grown enormously, because in the modern society one can hardly survive without the account in a bank. So, the pressure on the bank clerks has increased seriously.

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The only way out to serve for millions of clients in a day time is the E-banking service which enables people solve their banking problems themselves without the need to visit the bank itself. With the help of E-banking clients are able to fulfill all possible operations: control the condition of the personal account, block the banking card if it has been lost or stolen, pay taxes, send money to another account, change currency, etc. E-banking is a positive innovation, which enables banks to serve for the greater number of clients and to improve the quality of operations.

E-banking is a reasonable decision of the banks to increase the number of clients, save their time and money. If one wants to dwell on the E-banking services, he should study the issue in detail and collect information to understand the structure and function of the Internet banking is the appropriate way. A successful research proposal is supposed to contain the points important for the research, the methods used for the investigation and observation of the issue and the literature sources used for the research on E-banking. The student is expected to discuss the worthy questions about the Internet banking in order to make the research paper informative and captive.

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