Research Proposal on Corporate Social Responsibility

Corporate social responsibility is the concept according to which organizations pay attention to the preferences, interests of the society and are responsible for the effect of their production on the consumers, employees and the general public in the whole. Due to the laws adopted by the government companies take efforts to satisfy the needs of customers and they have to work hard to improve the quality of their work and the quality of their production, the life and the working conditions of the employees, and the whole human society. The practice of corporate social responsibility is the subject of numerous discussions and critics. The supporters of the concept claim that the companies which work with the higher aims than simple gaining of profit have greater advantages, because they work for the greater and broader perspective.

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Demonstrating their care for the life of the society, health of people, the natural environment the companies win respect and credit of the consumers and supply themselves with the permanent returning customers making the world around better. On the contrary, the opponents of the concept prove that corporate social responsibility is a simple trick, which helps the corporations create the illusion of their quality work and earn more money. People believe that corporations support high moral values and let them do everything they want. In spite of the different points of view corporate social responsibility is a subject of the research of ethics, which investigates, analyzes and solves the problems which occur during the process of production.

If one wants to understand the principles of corporate social responsibility, he is expected to devote much time to the research of the problem. Moreover, if one has got important new ideas about the topic, he can try to prepare a research proposal on it and persuade the professor that the problem is worth him attention. A successful corporate social responsibility research proposal should be interesting, informative, brief and logical. A student should manage to present the essential points of the research in simple words and supply the professor with the well-organized literature review and methodology chapters which describe the research approach and the sources used for the research. One should prove that the chosen topic is important for the discipline and support the thoughts with the trustworthy up-to-date evidence.

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