Research Proposal on Corporate Communication

Corporate communication is the system of the inner and outer control over information, which is aimed at the creation of the ideal image and attitude towards the company from the side of clients, investors, suppliers, employees, partners, etc. Every company which wants to achieve success and respect from its partners should develop its corporate communication intensively. The company should persuade the influential investors and partners in its stability, consciousness, logic of its actions and decisions in order to continue cooperation with them. It is natural, that only stable and reliable corporations are able to attract serious partners who would devote their money and time to the company’s development and improvement. The appropriate organization of corporate communication is able to explain all the core aims and strategies of the company, its priorities and the chain of its concepts.

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There are three major levels of corporate communication: between the board of directors and departments of the company; between the company and customers (marketing, sponsorship); between the company and investors and general public. Corporate communication fulfills such functions: it makes the character of the company precise and sets the image of the brand; reduction of the negative reputation of the brand; transmission of information through the means of communication; presentation of tasks and duties through the means of communication and control over their fulfillment; mobilization of the inner and outer support of the corporate targets; coordination of the international companies. Corporate communication is the important part of the activity of every company, because with its help the company advertises its production, increases its popularity through mass media.

Corporate communication is the important factor of the regular functioning of the company, because the sphere of information is able to influence the prosperity and popularity of the company. The student is able to dwell on the explanation of the strong and weak sides of the existing models of corporate communication and suggest his own ones. The aim of the research proposal is to persuade the professor in the quality of the topic generated by the student. One should share the methods and sources with the professor and present the plan of the research of the issue on corporate communication and its importance for business.

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