Research Proposal on Corruption

Corruption is the term which means the act when the representatives of the government of the country and other officials use their position, rights, opportunities and status in order to gain profit which does not meet the laws of the country and moral values. Corruption is also a synonym of bribery. The brightest example of such act is when an official gets a bribe in order to permit some illegal action.

Corruption is a popular phenomenon in the developing countries where the government does not possess any moral norms and is often influenced by mafia. Corruption is a very broad term which embraces a great number of the illegal actions which break the laws and moral values which reign in the ideal society. Corruption is always a conflict between the official and the person who is interested in the position and the power of the official.

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The official takes the bribe but suffers from the inner conflict, because he has done an illegal thing, no wonder, corruption is a deep problem which is always mentioned in philosophy, theology, psychology, etc. The source of corruption is the financial profit: an official can use his power and influence to earn more for the illegal decisions and permissions. It is obvious that officials are afraid of corruption, because they are punished strictly, as there are long terms of imprisonment and fines, though many of them do it as the sum of the bribe is extremely high for them and worth risking.

According to the research of the prominent economists corruption is the main reason which prevents rapid economic development. Two much money is wasted in the process of corruption and the government often loses credit of the people who avoid working hard in the country where corruptibility rules and the economic development stops. When one wants to investigate the problem of corruption from all sides, he should read about the topic a lot. It is smart to take advantage of all possible sources to improve knowledge of the topic and prepare a worthy corruption research proposal. A student is supposed to convince the professor in the success of the chosen topic and prove that the result of the research will be valuable for the discipline.

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