Research Proposal on Juvenile Delinquency

Juvenile delinquency, also known as juvenile offending, or youth crime, is participation in illegal behavior by minors (juveniles). The problem has been stressing since the dawn of the human civilization, because young people used to be active members of the criminal world. The most widespread crimes connected with the participation of young people are street fighting, robbery, etc. Evidently, juvenile delinquency ranges according to the age and sex of young people. Young men are much more likely to commit crimes, because of their physical peculiarities. Being tough, powerful, aggressive, daring and competitive becomes a way for young men to assert and express their masculinity. Acting out these ideals may make young men more likely to engage in antisocial and criminal behavior. Moreover, scholars present even racial differences concerning juvenile delinquency. It is obvious that Afro-American, Latino and Muslim teens who suffer from poverty, or low socio-economic status try to protest in some way and express their aggressive nature committing crimes.

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The problem is urgent and important, because parents want their children to hold honourable and successful life but not to waste it in jail. Psychologists say that no matter what the types of juvenile delinquency are, the behavior and moral values of children, teens depend on the bringing up. If parents managed to bring up their child properly, he will hardly be able to commit crimes in future. Most of the criminals had difficult childhood and lack of parental attention, love and care. In order to understand the reasons of juvenile delinquency college and university students are offered to write research papers on the topic. A successful research proposal on juvenile delinquency and its prevention should contain detailed description of the reasons of the problem, the background of the illegal actions committed by teens and, of course, effective solutions of this problem.

When a student is asked to prepare a good research proposal, he should realize that he has to read much about the topic to realize its importance. Original free samples of research papers on juvenile delinquency and its reasons will be quite helpful in this case. He should not limit his research only reading books on law, but pay much attention to the psychological side of the problem to present the complete picture of the topic. Moreover, a proposal is not only the set of reliable data, but a logical and convincing presentation of the importance of the problem. Only if a student manages to prove the topic is serious and he has effective methods or concepts, which will be helpful to defeat the problem, the professor will approve the paper. In order to compose a good paper one should read a free example of research proposal on juvenile delinquency theories to realize how to prepare the paper correctly.

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