Research Proposal on Development Economics

Development economics is the branch of economics and practical discipline, which studies the principles of formation of the political and economical strategies of improvement of the quality of life in the counties which the low income. Economics studies the nature and the cause of mass poverty and learns the factors, tendencies and instruments which can improve the economic development.

The main aim of the development economics is to defeat poverty and promote economic development in the third world countries. The problem of poverty has bothered people for centuries and the secret to wealth and development has not been known till the special investigations in this sphere. Unfortunately, the world is divided into the rich and the poor countries, whose economic development is too low to provide their people with the high level of life and satisfy all their needs.

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Various scholars have spent much time to find out the reasons which influence the economical development of a country and such investigations are concentrated in the discipline of development economics. The scholars analyze the level of life of different countries, study their economic potential, strong and weak sides in industry, agriculture, moral and material values, traditions and customs of people, etc. They pay attention to every factor, which can improve the life of people in the world and create special theories and models which are often put into practice. The main task of development economics is to create a universal instruction which can help the developing countries optimize management of the natural and human resources and reach the appropriate level of life.

The topic of development economics is extremely interesting and thought-provoking. Moreover, it offers a wide field of personal ideas, so a student should devote much time to the research of the topic and do his best to brainstorm the most effective ideas concerning the question of the developing countries and the methods or techniques which can solve their problems. One should persuade that the topic of development economics is worth investigation and prove it in the professional research proposal which contains the purpose, the prediction of the possible achieved results of the investigation, the methodology, the analysis of the problem and the literature review which proves that many sources have been used to work out the problem well.

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