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Economics is a set of the social studies which research the production, distribution and consumption of various goods and services. Economic reality is the object of economics which is divided into theoretical and practical. Theoretical branch is also called economic theory and it studies the peculiarities of the processes of exchange, distribution, the choice of use and consumption of the limited resources. Practical economics studies the possibility to use the rules and laws, suggested by the economic theory on practice.

The history of economics is extremely long and runs back to the 4th century BC, no wonder, it can be called one of the oldest disciplines, because the main trait of the existence of the human civilization is economic relations.

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In fact, economics became a separate independent discipline with its own methodology only in the 18th century when the role of finance and production became the most important. A great number of well-known scientists devoted their lives to the development of economics and especially its theory and created a great number of the methods which can be helpful in the research. The core methods are: analysis, synthesis, deduction, induction, graphic, systematic, mathematical methods, modelling, experiments, comparing, etc. The main task of economic theory is to create the deal models of the certain economic phenomena and analyze the impact of the environment, the level of the society on the condition of these models. The successful models worked out by theoretic economics are applied in the practical economics.

Economics is one of the most important disciplines which ensure the normal development of the human society. It tries to answer such essential questions: ‘What goods should people produce?’ ‘How should they produce them?’ ‘Whom should people produce the goods for?’ ‘How should the work be distributed?’ Every student who is going to write a research paper can choose the topic on economics and analyze the core questions which disturb him. In fact, he should prepare a successful economics research proposal at first and prove that the topic is worth professor’s attention. One is supposed to explain the aim and the purpose of the research and provide the teacher with the methodology, literature review and predictions concerning the results and the value of the research.

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