Research Proposal on Drug Trafficking

Drug trafficking is the illegal production, transportation and trade with drugs. It is obvious that the existence of drug trafficking is the international problem which requires rapid solutions. The harmful impact of drugs is known all over the world, that is why the majority of drugs, even the lightest of them are prohibited. Drugs are known to cause strong psychological influence of the individual and most of them cause addiction, so that the person spends her money to purchase more and more drugs, because she can not survive without them on the psychological and physical level.

Naturally, regarding the qualities of drugs, the trade with them is a very profitable business.

Drug trafficking is probably the most profitable business, because billions of dollars are spent on them all over the world annually. The income received from drug trafficking will never improve the economics of the country, because this business is most often controlled by serious criminals who use the finance for their own good.

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Drug trafficking is a dangerous phenomenon which can spoil the economic development of the country, because if a great number of traffickers are concentrated in a certain place, the production rates reduce because of the increase of the number of the drug addicts. No wonder, the countries of South America, Africa, Sough Italy have economic problems being the centers of the world drug trafficking. Drug trafficking is a dangerous phenomenon not just because of the harmful effect of drugs on the human health, but because of the numerous social problems which are caused by drugs: addiction, crime, unemployment, suicides, prostitution, etc. The drug addict is ready to do everything to purchase the following doze of drugs and starts to commit crimes if there are no alternatives.

Drug trafficking is a serious problem which requires solution. The student is able to try to solve the solution to this eternal problem completing a research proposal which would suggest the analysis of the most relevant and troublesome issues of the problem. One should study the history, geography and social aspects of drug trafficking, evaluate the consequences of this phenomenon, observe the methods and efforts which are taken to reduce the impact of this problem. In order to persuade the professor in the urgency of the topic, the quality and the right methods should be applied in the process of the investigation.

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Custom Research Proposal on Drug Trafficking