Research Proposal on Sex Trafficking

Sex trafficking is the trade in humans for the purpose of their involvement in sex industry and other sorts of sexual exploitation. Nowadays sex trafficking is one of the most widespread type of human trafficking and more than 80% of the ‘slaves’ are involved into it after the forced labor and extraction of organs as donors. It is obvious that the victims of sex trafficking are the young women who have simply got into the wrong place in the wrong time and the ones who have been cheated in different ways.

The most common candidates for sexual exploitation are the women from the developing countries, the countries with enormous corruption, crisis, etc who do not have the opportunity to earn money in their native country. They are looking for the benefit and success and find various advertisements which claim to send women abroad for the prestigious work and the women believe. Only when they are transported abroad, they understand that there is no work and they have been cheated.

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As a result they remain without money and documents and have to work as prostitutes and showgirls. The fate of such women is terrible, because they have to work in the industry without profit for years and it is obvious that it is impossible to escape from this business, as the escapee is simply murdered. Though numerous international organizations strive to solve this shameful problem, it is impossible to defeat sex trafficking, because many countries are interested in it. The developing countries which supply sex slaves receive money for it, and the rich countries (the US, Western Europe, Japan, India, etc) use the services of these slaves.

Sex trafficking is a serious problem which requires solution. The poor women who have to look for the better fate abroad often become cheated and involved into the sexual exploitation. The student who wants to bring light on the problem should study it from all sides and prove to the professor that the topic deserves attention. The student is supposed to prepare a well-structured paper which would explain the topic in detail, define the cause and effect of sex trafficking and present the methods and sources used for the research of the issue.

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