Research Proposal on Online Banking

Online banking is one of the types of the distance access towards the bank services which is carried out with the help of the devices which have the access towards the Internet: personal computers, laptops, smart phones, etc. The popularity of banks has increased so much that there is hardly a person in the developed countries who does not have its own banking account. Banks are divided into different types according to the territory of their functioning: local, national and international. It is natural that the small bank which serves to a small number of clients is never overloaded and clients do not have to wait long hours in the queues waiting for their turn to fulfill a certain operation. Bigger and more popular banks, especially the international banks can not cope with the stream of clients physically. Every minute millions of operations have to be conducted and it is impossible to do it in the bank offices.

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The most adequate solution to this problem was the creation of the service of online banking which enabled clients of the bank to solve their problems themselves. The systems of online banking are quite easy for everyone and even a novice user is able to understand the system and conduct all the banking operations (paying taxes, transition of cash, transformation of currency, payment operations, etc) without leaving their home. In order to make the banking services even easier, many operations are conducted with the help of the simple SMS. Online banking not only simplifies the access towards the services and economizes time, but also makes the whole process safer.

Online banking is the useful form of banking which enables people to receive quick access to their accounts and to fulfill various operations with their finance at a moment’s notice. The student is able to observe the problem of online banking from all sides and prepare a quality research proposal which would demonstrate the brand new research approach towards the issue. The proposal should persuade the professor in the student’s maturity and ability to choose the adequate topics for the analysis. One should select the most thought provoking questions on online banking and suggest the personal opinion to them.

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