Research Proposal on Quality of Education

Quality of education is the general condition of education in the certain area, a region or the whole country. Quality of education can not be valued easily, special methods and techniques are required for this operation. The quality of education of students of all levels is checked periodically to make sure it meets the expectations of the government. Students at high school, college and university are systematically checked with the help of tests, colloquiums, various written papers which measure students’ knowledge and professional skills. Quality of education is very important for the country, because young people are the future of the country, its future experts and professionals in all spheres of human activity. Every new government does it best to improve the quality of education and raise knowledge of the young generation to the appropriate level.

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Today the amount of information is so high, that students require more time and efforts to collect data, analyze it and keep it in their heads. Moreover, the overdose of information makes the government change the system of education quite often to make it suit the requirements of the modern dynamic world. If the quality of education in a certain area becomes lower, special efforts are taken to improve the situation. For example, teachers are trained to raise their professional teaching skills, programmes of education are changed and special facilities are introduced into the educational institutions which are expected to change the situation for the better.

The quality of education is one of the most essential things which influence the proper development of the country and assure its future. Students who research the topic of quality of education are obliged to investigate the whole aspects and principles of the system of education, analyze the programmes of education, and compare the expectations of the government to the real situation at schools and universities. If one investigates the problem well and understands all the advantages and disadvantages of educational system, he will realize the level of the quality of education and will manage to offer smart solutions to any problems connected with the topic. The aim of the proposal is to brainstorm interesting methods on quality of education and convince the professor your research will be important and valuable for the discipline.

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