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Green economy is the discipline which originated in the latest two decades and it is characterized with the principle that economics is the integral component of the environment it exists in. Green economy is the prominent trend in modern economics which also embraces such trends as feministic economics, postmodernism, post-scarcity economy, ecological economy, environmental economy, antiglobalism, etc. There are three basic rules which can characterize green economy and its ides from all sides. The first one says that it is impossible to increase one’s influence all the time on the limited area. The second – it is impossible to satisfy the growing needs and demands in the situation of the limited and exhausting resources. And the last one – everything on Earth is interconnected.

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Green economy is connected with the environmental issues and the necessity of the protection of nature and wise use of the limited natural resources. The green economists protest against the principle of the constant economic growth, because according to their idea, the resources on the planet are limited, so the growth is impossible. Moreover, green economy dwells on the issues related with the smart distribution of the natural resources, the issues on pollution, wise management, population growth, ethics and morality in business, etc. Green economists study the best ways out of the problem of the harmful production. They invent brand new technologies and policies on production using the appliances which would not cause harm to the environment. They think about the ethical approach towards business processes and suggest donating money for the development of the third world countries for the reduction of the difference between various parts of the world.

Green economy is a branch of economics which studies the connection of the human economic activity and the natural environment. The student has to read about the problem a lot if he wants to complete a detailed project on the research of the issue on green economy. It is important to create a simple but captive topic which would be interesting for the professor; after that the young professional should illustrate the points which he has chosen for the analysis in the right logical and informative way. Finally, the student has to prepare the methodology of writing trying to cover the matter on green economy from all sides.

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Custom Research Proposal on Green Economy

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