Health Economics Research Proposal

Health economics is the branch of economics which studies the effectiveness and affordability of healthcare services for people. Briefly, it embraces the issues on healthcare system and principles, rules, standards and aspects of economics. It is natural that healthcare is a very expensive and troublesome sphere of the human activity, because even the developed countries have problems with the successful organization of their healthcare systems and reforms, as the sphere is associated with serious consumption of money and resources. It does not worth mentioning that the sphere of healthcare involves many resources and professional skills of physicists who are supposed to provide people with the top level services. Health economics touches upon the issues on supply and demand of healthcare services, their price, the factors which influence the quality of health and cause risk to the human life and health, etc.

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The branch also studies such a troublesome matter as the types of business which cause harm to the human life and health, for example, tobacco and alcohol industry which maintain the human habit of smoking and alcohol abuse. Then, health economics dwells on the affordability of healthcare to the average citizen. The problem is really urgent, because, for example, more than 40 million of Americans live without health insurance, because they can not afford it. The governments of different countries try to make the insurance and healthcare services affordable to all classes of people, because according to the Declaration of the Human Rights, everyone has the right for treatment.

Health economics touches upon the most relevant issues on economics and healthcare services and the place of healthcare system in the human society. The student who has decided to prepare a project for the research of the problems on health economics is able to improve his knowledge with the help of the reliable sources. It is wise to read articles in books and encyclopaedias trying to reveal the most troublesome points in health economics which require additional attention. The student should prepare the list of the points for the research and illustrate the methodology section which would demonstrate to the professor the student’s creativity and research approach towards the selected problems.

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