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Literacy is the ability of a person to read literary sources to gain knowledge and discover new interesting facts useful for life. Moreover, literacy is also the ability to write using proper stylistic devices and feel the language in the text. Then, a person who is considered to be literary should be able to read critically, that means possess critical thinking skills. Most people who can read never try to understand the meaning of the content, some idea hidden there. Nobody reads between the lines.

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A literary person who reads much and has smart and sound mind always tries to find more than written in the text: some historical, social, cultural background of the content; motives, which provoked the author write this very work and introduce this very character into the text. Evidently, literacy has not always been on its high level as nowadays. Even several hundreds years ago only narrow circles of people could boast they can read.

Every government of every country devotes much time and money to teaching literacy. Every well-educated person who wants to exist normally in out modern society should be able to read. without literacy one will not manage to survive in our difficult stressful times. Even just going along the street one should be able to read, otherwise he will not manage to reach the point of destination. The problem of literacy is very important nowadays, because still there are countries which have extremely low rates of literacy, because of their poor economical background and political problems. A successful research proposal on literacy should be an interesting paper, which presents brand new methods and concepts, which are useful to teach literacy faster, cheaper, easier and more effective. If one manages to complete the paper like that, he will surely impress the professor and receive chance to write a great research paper on the topic.

Students who need to complete a paper on literacy will have to read much about it. There are many special books, articles in scientific periodicals and encyclopedias dedicated to the topic and they will be helpful for every young professional. Besides, one can read free research proposals on literacy in the Internet and see how a good paper looks like. if one reads such a paper, he will realize how to compose a good paper on the topic, how to analyze the problem, how to support your opinion and how to persuade the professor in the importance of your topic. Nearly every free sample research proposal on financial literacy is a good help and experience for every student for the writing of his own original paper.

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