Research Proposal on Database Management System

Database management system is the complicated and well-structured computer program which is aimed at the logical and convenient organization of a database for its users. Evidently, information is the most valuable thing nowadays and every sphere of human life is overloaded with the information of different kind, so it is important to keep it properly. Database management systems are supposed to make the process of data storage, processing and retrieving easier and convenient for every user. Database management systems are used at every organization, especially connected with business, education, health care, etc. It is obvious that every company possesses much information about its production, the ways and methods of production, quality, quantity of goods and services and the information about its clients.

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The problem of customer relationship management is closely connected with database management, because a smart businessman keeps and pays attention to the information about his clients, their preferences and tries to keep them interested and satisfied with the activity of the company. A successful database management system is able to organize the functioning of a database correctly and logically. A good database is expected to be integral and be multiply accessible by numerous users, who require information about the organization. The data should be stored in the logical way in order to be found easily. The database is supposed to be absolutely safe, so one should pay special attention to the security of the database and prevent the possibility of the third people to intrude into the system and manage information according to their will (the content can be managed only by the administrator, but the users can only look the data through).

The problem of database management system is quite relevant and important for the research, because every business is supposed to possess a well-organized and logically-constructed database which makes its activity more useful. If a student has decided to investigate the topic of database management system, he is supposed to make the professor interested in this choice and prepare a successful convincing research proposal. A good research proposal explains the purpose and the expectations of the research, describes the methodology of the research and provides the professor with the literature review and the detailed analysis of the topic and reasonable conclusions.

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