Research Proposal on Global Marketing

Global marketing is the type of marketing which is aimed to promote goods and services on the territory of nearly every country of the world. Naturally, global marketing differs from the domestic and international marketing greatly and uses different approaches and methods of promotion and transportation of products.

It is obvious that global marketing is not a trick of the international corporations which want to earn money; this process is quite natural and it can be called an evolution of economics and business. If the company is a successful one and can compete on the market it can develop further and promote its products all over the world. Nowadays, due to the development of transportation and computer networks which provide rapid connection between different parts of the planet the process of globalization and global marketing appears. There a few elements which are required for the successful development of global marketing.

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First of all it is the product. The company is not obliged to produce thousands of types of products, because it is not important. The most essential thing is the quality and the type of the product and its image which would be supported everywhere. Another factor is price. Naturally, the smaller price, the better chances to win the leading places on the global market. Next, delivery is an extremely troublesome factor, which defines the speed and quality of product supply into the different countries. Finally, the type of promotion plays one of the leading roles for global marketing, because it is very difficult to make the people from different countries with different culture, system of values and preferences buy the foreign product systematically.

Global marketing is the prior form of marketing nowadays, because the process of globalization touches upon every sphere of human life, especially economics. A global marketing research proposal is the brief presentation of the key ideas which would be investigated deeper in the great research paper. With the help of the research proposal a student persuades the professor to let him investigate the chosen topic and provides explanation of the purpose of the investigation, the core problematic questions and points which require solution, the methodology of the research and the sources used for the analysis of the problem. The proposal demonstrates the predicted results of the research and evaluates the problem of global marketing objectively.

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Custom Research Proposal on Global Marketing

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