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Personality is the set of the qualities, which differs one individual from the other. Evidently, everyone is unique and the concept of personality has started to worry people since the dawn of the human civilization. The famous philosophers from the ancient Greece started to observe this question from different points of view. At the very beginning the personality of an individual depended on his social status. Peasants and slaves, who did not have any rights and whose opinion did not mean anything were not considered to be the real personalities, but just individuals.

Later on, with the development of culture, sciences and especially, humanities, an individual started to be treated like a personality, so that a completely different from the others individual with his own moral values and character.

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From the point of view of psychology everyone is considered to be a personality, because an individual has different traits of character and temperament. There are four main types of temperament which present the key description of the personality of an individual. One can be communicative, joyful and optimistic; another is always silent, pessimistic and complains on something. Such fundamental qualities form the whole personality and the traits of her character.

Every person will react differently on the particular irritant; will behave differently in every situation, so it is possible to say that every personality is unique and unpredictable; that it is difficult to define a certain main temperament and tell everything about the person. Most of people have got mixed temperaments, so it is impossible for the psychologists to draw the whole image of the person.

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