Research Proposal on Personnel Management

Personnel management is the complicated policy which is aimed at the profound and intensive control over the work of employees of a company. The staff of every company is the major force and source of development of every business. The employer should devote much time and efforts to the appropriate organization of the process of personnel management which is quite varied and includes numerous subordinate stages and elements. Personnel management includes such processes as recruitment and selection, employee management, teaching and development, job analysis, etc. It is of life importance to hire the right people for the selected job, because only a real expert is able to fulfill the duties and the tasks well. The employer must dwell on the qualification of employees, their skills, psychological condition, experience and other qualities. It is obvious that every novice employer will be trained and the company spends money and time on him, so every smart employer will do his best to make the employee stay on the workplace as much as possible in order to avoid employee turnover.

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In order to attract employees and persuade them stay in the company, the employer should brainstorm the right policy of personnel management. He should communicate with the staff, discuss the problems and questions, improve the quality of conditions of work, the salary, maintain job satisfaction, involve employees into the process of decision making, etc. In general, personnel management is the complicated policy which is aimed at the quality control over the staff and the creation of the ideal conditions for its work.

Personnel management is the essential policy which is supposed to regulate the issues connected with the activity of the staff of the company. The student is expected to research the problem in detail and brainstorm his own approach to the problem writing a research proposal about personnel management and its functions. A successful proposal should be informative, interesting and unique. The student observes the issue on personnel management in detail, explains the purpose of the research, the points which he wants to research and the methods he uses to achieve the predicted results. The summary of the proposal should reflect the relevance of the research and evaluation of its importance for the condition of business.

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