Research Proposal on Employee Relations

Employee relations is the study which investigates the industrial and interpersonal relations of employees of a certain company. It is natural, that business and management touch upon not simply the problem of production, finance, accounting, technical aspects of the work of the company but also the relations and position of employees in the company.

Employee relations is closely connected with human resource management and very often these terms are confused and used as synonyms. Employees play the important role in the development of the prosperous company which can compete on the market. Every employer wants to see the talented, intelligent and qualified employees in the staff and he has to work hard to attract the team of such bright minds who will fulfill their duties well. In fact, the problem of employee relations is very broad and analyzes numerous obvious and hidden aspects. For example, many co-workers can not coexist in the single office and in this case numerous conflicts appear.

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The task of the employer is to provide the favorable conditions for work, where every employee would feel respected, protected and praised. If there are problems between the employees and their employer – it is also the subject of the research of employee relations, because every trouble, which has social character and influences the position, attitude and conditions of work provided for employees, is worth separate attention. Employee relations embrace also the problem of strikes, employee movements, labor parties, etc. Since employees have received rights for the adequate conditions of work and respect, numerous organizations and movements protect these rights and maintain employee’s well-being and protection.

The problem of employee relations is quite useful for the research and the student is able to develop his critical thinking skills and knowledge practising various methods of the research and revealing the aspects of the problem in the appropriate way. The research proposal has to be informative, logical and brief. The student is expected to explain why he has chosen to research the topic on employee relations, what questions he wants to solve, what methods to apply and what results he wants to achieve. It is important to keep the writing in the persuasive tone in order to make the professor believe that the selected topic on employee relations is really interesting and requires additional attention.

There are many ways to prepare a successful research proposal, but the most favorable method is to read a free example research proposal on employee relations in the Internet and see how a well-organized paper looks like. If one does not know about the appropriate manner of convincing writing, he should use a free sample research proposal on employee relations written by the well-educated expert.

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