Research Proposal on Police Brutality

Police brutality is the use of force and all kinds of abuse by the policeman towards the victim.

Police abuse has become a widespread phenomenon in many countries of the world. Since the beginning of the human civilization the functions of the police played the warriors of a kingdom and they supported peace in the streets of villages and towns.

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At that time brutality of such forces towards the common people was not a surprise but today we live in the civilized society and people’s rights are supposed to be protected and respected. Unfortunately, the government and the police are closely connected and very often the government uses the police in ts purposes.

The most frequent examples are connected with strikes and meetings, when the workers and other dissatisfied people start to protest against the political leaders and the latter use the police to calm people down with the help of brutal force. Today nearly every day we see and hear in the news about such accidents, when a group of people became victims of the brutality of the policemen.

Very often the policemen do not pay attention to the age and gender of the person using force against her.

It is obvious that the problem is very urgent and needs quick solutions, because policemen are the same people and they do not have right to use force against innocent people, because they simply can to do it. Very often policemen motivate their actions like a mistake or that they just protected their life. Evidently, such behaviour should be punished and people should know more about their rights to be able to protect themselves from the brutality of the police. Students who are asked to prepare a research proposal dedicated to this problem should study the topic profoundly, find several cases of the police brutality in newspapers or in the web to support their ideas with the cases from the real life. Moreover, a student who is writing a research proposal should make it sound logically and nice to convince he professor the topic is worth investigation. One should offer interesting and effective methods which will help people protect from the police brutality and suggest methods to punish the police or limit their powers.

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