Research Proposal on Elder Abuse

Elder abuse is the negative attitude towards elderly people which is characterized with the cause of harm to their psychological and physical health and their social life. The problem of elderly abuse exists all over the world but its most visual activity is observed in Western Europe and the USA. Elder abuse is the result of the negative attitude towards the elderly people caused by their state of health, social position, etc. In the developed countries an elderly person often becomes a burden for the family and most often she is sent to the retirement house to receive care and support of the professional nurses and physicists. There are many types of elder abuse which cause a negative impact on the human being. Most often the abuse has the psychological effect. The elderly person feels the lack of attention, love and care; she does not meet her friends and her relatives refuse to spend time with her.

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Elderly people often suffer from self-neglect, abandonment and even face the problem of rights abuse. In addition, there is the type of the institutional abuse, where the elderly people are not treated equally in comparison with the young employees who are full of energy and creativity. Alongside with psychological abuse, people suffer from physical abuse. They are deprived of food, hit, etc. The majority of the neglected elderly people are cheated, they are exploited financially; sometimes there are cases when the third people make the elderly person write and sign a false will which would provide these third people with the property of the elderly person after her death.

Elder abuse is a serious problem which can be called the immoral one, because the exploitation, disrespect and neglect of an elderly person is the inhumane thing. The student is able to observe the issue form the personal point of view and his task is to persuade the professor in the quality of his ideas and the research approach towards the problem on elder abuse and its types. the student can try to solve the problem of abuse and invent the useful methods and techniques which would solve the problem effectively. The methodology of the proposal is probably the most important thing which influences the quality of the research.

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