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Radiography is the research of the inner side of the objects, which is projected on the special paper with the help of X-rays. The history of the method of radiography began already in the end of the 19th century, when Wilhelm Conrad Rontgen discovered the effect of the X-rays. He also noticed that when a human is X-rayed, the rays go through the tissue of a human but not through her bones. This invention was met with the great enthusiasm, because enabled to see the visualization of the organs, tissue and bones. Radiography is an extremely important and useful method in medicine, because enabled to be the inner side of the human body without any harm. It is possible to use radiography to see the form and position of the organs, their condition, etc.

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Radiography has a range of advantages. First of all, the method is easy and opens wide possibilities for doctors to investigate and analyze the human body. Then, the patient does not have to be trained or prepared for the procedure of X-raying. Next, the cost of the procedure is quite low. Finally, the photographs of the X-rayed organs can be easily carried to another doctor for the analysis. On the other hand there are several disadvantages of radiography, the most serious of which is: X-ray and gamma radiation used in the procedure is harmful for the human health, that is why one must not do it often. Radiography is becoming less popular, because there are other types of visualization of the inner side of the human body which are more informative and flexible.

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