Research Proposal on Physical Education

Physical education is the discipline which is studies at school, college and university and is aimed at the improvement and maintaining of the child’s health with the help of the physical activity. The role of physical education is extremely important nowadays, because modern young people do not spend enough time outdoors and very few of them go in for sports. As a result young people suffer from obesity, have various diseases connected with the lack of activity; for example, heart diseases, etc. Physical education has always been one of the primary classes for students, because people used to pay more attention to the physical development of children. Nevertheless, modern students have this subject in every educational institution and it is an obligatory course; only the young people who have problems with health which prevent them from physical activity are free to choose whether they want to attend classes or not.

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The most typical kinds of activity practised at the course are running, skiing, swimming, jumping, football, basketball, volleyball, acrobatics, athletics and various sports games. Today it is popular to introduce new techniques and methods of teaching into physical education and practise new kinds of activities. Some teachers decide to introduce such kinds of sports as horse riding, cycling, Frisbee, etc. In order to maintain child’s physical and mental health teachers introduce courses of yoga at the lessons. Finally, no matter what the techniques are, the only aim is to provide young people with the necessary physical activity and maintain their health.

Physical education is one of the disciplines in the curriculum and is considered to be one of the favorite classes for students. When a student has become interested in the discipline and wants to introduce his own vision of the development of the subject and improvement of the quality of the classes, he can try to prepare a good physical education research proposal and probably win the chance to complete a research paper on the chosen topic. One should remember that a successful research proposal should make the professor interested in the paper and the ideas presented there, so one should prepare an interesting, informative, logical and brief paper which describes the purpose, methodology and the predicted results of the research. In the end one should prove that the paper is really valuable for the development of the discipline and persuade the professor in it.

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