Research Proposal on Refugees

Refugees are the people, who lived in a country but had to leave it because of the unfavourable circumstances. When people are neglected and abused in the country because of their colour of skin, religious views, sexual orientation, political views and membership in certain social organizations and are not protected by the government and police, they leave their country and refuse to come back because of the fear of threat. Such people are called refugees. They have to live in the countries which permitted them to stay on their territory and guaranteed their protection.

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According to the opinion of the general public refugees are simply the people who have left their country in order to find better place for living. Refugees have always existed in the human society but their number started to rise from the Middle Age. When people were abused and chased for something, they could always find shelter in a church, which is considered to be holy place where human laws do not play any role. Later on other kinds of refugees appeared.

With the development of the international relations the term political refugee appeared. When one was chased because of his political views and activity, he looked for shelter and protection in other countries. From the beginning of the XXth century and the development of the international conflicts and two world wars, another type of refugees appeared, which are closely connected with the political ones. People tried to escape from the danger of war and death and migrated into the USA and Canada, where the situation was much more peaceful.

The problem of refugees is quite important and urgent even now, because still there are countries with totalitarian and authoritarian political systems which oppress their citizens and kill for their political views. When a student is interested in the topic of refugees, he is able to write a good research paper on it, but first of all he should convince the professor that the topic is really worth investigating. In order to do it one will need to write a persuasive research proposal which will reflect the student’s ideas concerning the future research of the problem. The paper should be brief but logical and contain all the essential points which are interesting for the professor.

Evidently, before writing the proposal one will need to read much about refugees, the history of the term, its meaning and its cause and effect. Except of books and magazines one can read free example research proposals on refugees in the web. It is possible to learn to format the paper well, complete the logical structure of the paper only due to reading a good free sample research proposal on refugees prepared by an experienced writer in the Internet.

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