Research Proposal on Tax Compliance

Tax compliance is the process of following the country’s tax system. Every country has got its own system of taxing, which is regulated and managed by the government. The system is based on the country’s economics and its inner political situation and international politics. If an individual wants to exists in the country legally and have a good job, he should be aware about the functioning and the principles of the tax system and types of taxes imposed on people. Tax compliance is especially important for the development of business what can be called the key factor of the development of the country’s economics. If one wants to start his own business, he should know about the taxes in the country and then decide whether the business can be profitable for him, because there are countries which impose taxes on the goods irrationally.

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For example, the import of some products is taxed heavily and the cost of the import is several times more expensive than the price of the products. Such taxing policy is mostly carried out in order to support the national or regional companies which can not stand the competition with other companies which produce the same goods but of higher quality and of lower price. So, tax system is an important thing which regulates the financial life of the country and is created and controlled directly by the government of the country and tax compliance is the essential behaviour which gives the opportunity to the person to live and work in the country normally.

The problem of tax compliance is very important, because the life of an individual depends on the awareness of its principles and key points. A well-analyzed tax compliance research proposal should be interesting, thought provoking, brief and logical. If a student has investigated the problem of tax compliance, he will be able to share his reflections concerning its disadvantages and probably will be able to suggest possible solutions to the existing problems in the sphere of taxing.

As student should analyze the problem of tax compliance and prepare a convincing proposal with rich methodology, which can attract the professor’s attention.

The problem of tax compliance is very important and deep, because touches upon all the spheres of human life, from the social and cultural issues to the economical and political questions. No wonder, the topic causes many problems and students apply for the help in the Internet. There are free example research proposals on tax compliance prepared by the experienced writers which are very useful for students. With the help of a good free sample research proposal on tax compliance one will catch the idea of correct formatting, persuasive style of writing and proper data analysis.

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