Research Proposal on Road Traffic Accidents

road traffic accident is an accident with causal participation of road users in road transport (public roads, paths, and squares). Its regulation is an important area of traffic civil law.

A traffic road accident is defined as a criminal offense, when there is damage to property or it has resulted in a personal injury. Personal injury cases are generally notifiable. The minimum limit for property damage is according to current law at about 20 to 150 euros.

Depending on the involved road users, road traffic accident can distinguish between car accident, motorcycle accident, truck accident, bicycle accident, pedestrian accident, which in addition to a single accident of the particular road user can usually also be an accident with other parties so designated, so for example a pedestrian accident can happens to a car or cyclist.

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Traffic accidents are caused mostly by the combination of several causes, the intersection of a series of unfortunate circumstances and misconduct ways, the causes are usually presented in a mutual set of conditions, which exacerbate the risk situation and are unforeseen. Man is the crucial link in the chain of fate, in which he could intervene an accident or at least reducing harm by incorporating appropriate safety margins.

Traffic accidents can have different causes. To determine the causes of accident a reconstruction expert opinion can be created that are requested by the courts in case of serious accident. Traffic Analytical reports (accident reconstruction expert opinion) are created after a detailed order, when there are serious accidents in question.

The chance of an accident is based in most cases on violations of traffic rules, on a misunderstanding of the traffic situation by at least one of the parties or technical failure. Reasons for the failure are human unwillingness to comply with the law, failure to recognize dangerous situations, and general weakness of character.

Accidents and road traffic accidents in particular can be avoided through early traffic education, by improving the training of drivers, through improvements in vehicle technology, road design, verification and maintenance of a good road condition, including the mitigation of road edges and the monitoring, and reduction of the permissible speeds can also help to prevent accidents and to reduce the consequences of accidents.

The main causes of accidents are called the most common causes of accidents on the road in accident statistics from the federal and state governments. These main causes of accidents are constantly under monitoring.

It is widely commented that rate of accidents is only determined by the accident properly registered by the police. The number of actual accidents is so much higher since many accidents involving pedestrians or cyclists are often not reported, despite personal injury (unreported accidents).

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