Road Safety Research Proposal

Road safety is the complex of factors which ensure the safe situation for the traffic and pedestrians on the roads, preventing them from accidents and dangerous situations. It is obvious that the existence of the human society and the human civilization is closely connected with the condition and quality and quantity of roads, because people always travel form one place to another, transport resources and production of different kinds with the help of roads. The roads existed in the prehistoric times and even thousands years ago the quantity of roads reflected the success and power of the country. Nowadays the situation is fairly the same and every country pays much attention to the quality of the roads which can serve for the great number of vehicles of various kinds. Unfortunately, the road is a dangerous place, because every minute there is an accident on the roads all over the world. There are car crashes, accidents with motorcycles, bikes, pedestrians and passengers who lose their life and health on the road. The policy of the road safety is aimed at the improvement of the quality of the roads and their safety for everyone.

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The road safety touches upon the issues of speed, distance, interval, etc. The safety of the roads is maintained with the help of the special lines for the public transport, trucks, bicycles and pedestrians. In addition there are special places for the pedestrians who want to cross the road.

The situation in the boarders of a city, small town and village is supported with the help of the traffic lights, road markings, road signs and the representatives of the police services. The situation on the highways is more complicated and the vehicles have to follow the distance and speed between one another.

The issue on road safety is quite difficult for the research, because every country has different strategies and norms of safety. The student can work out his own standards of road safety and present them in the research proposal which would try to persuade the teacher in the success of the chosen topic. The student should write about the relevance of the problem on road safety, the purpose of the research, the methodology of the research and must demonstrate the ideas and solutions to the problems and weak sides of the system of the road safety.

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