Research Proposal on Social Networking

Social networking is the use of computer technologies and the Internet to create, keep and exchange information between the people all over the world. There are many social networking sites which gather people who share similar interests, like music, movies, books, hobbies, etc. The most well-known social networking website is Facebook which gathers people from different countries and helps them to make friends, find the required data on any topic they need. The main advantage of such websites is that celebrities, famous musicians, artists and designers can share their new ideas, communicate with their fans and answer all their questions and inform about the coming concerts, performances, exhibitions, etc.

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There are other social networking sites which are narrower in the services they offer. For example, YouTube has become a globally-famous website because it enables people share video files of all kinds. One can find any movie, soup opera, cartoon, video clip of a famous band at a moment’s notice and rate it according to his preferences.

Social networking sites are generally not supported by anybody and they are financed exclusively due to advertising and donations of the devoted online users. Modern businessmen have understood the power and influence of social networking sites and they advertise their goods and services there, which is cheaper and more effective, because see the ads all the time in front of their eyes. Social networking sites were planned for the positive purposes, like increase of intelligence, communication between people, education, but there are far more negative sides in this phenomenon. Very often young people spend too much time in from of the laptop because of social networking sites and forget about education and home assignments. Moreover, the Internet abuse is also widespread in the environment of social networking.

Social networking sites are getting more popular every day and more and more people get involved into the networks and spend great amount of time there. Students who want to prepare a successful research proposal will need to learn everything about social networking sites to be able to point out their advantages and disadvantages and effect on the human society. When students analyze the topic, they will be able to complete a logical research proposal and try to investigate the topic deeper further.

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