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Social media is the kind of mass media which is represented by the Internet, computer technologies and software used to provide people with information of all kinds. Social media is becoming more and more important and popular nowadays and very soon it is expected that it will replace all other kinds of media, like periodicals, radio and television. Newspapers are already starting to lose their positions in the world of mass media, because of the fast development of the informational technologies. Social media is carried out through the range of websites which gather people of different parts of the world who share common interests and want to improve their knowledge and satisfy their interest.

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Social media is the new level of mass media, because the consumers do not simply percept and receive information but they create it themselves. A great number of websites and social network web sites, blogs offer possibilities for people from all over the world share their ideas, exchange information of all kinds (images, audio, video files, presentations, all kinds of documents). With the help of social media people can receive information faster, because today every event which has taken place is placed in the Internet at first and only later on TV and newspapers.

Social media is the symbol of the modern age of information and nearly every person who has the access to the Internet is involved into it. A well-composed research proposal is supposed to interesting, brief, logical and convincing in order to make the professor believe the problem is worth investigating. In order to prepare a good research proposal one will need to get to know about the topic, improve his knowledge about it, realize the definition, types and methods of social media.

When one understands the key points related with social media, its advantages and disadvantages, he will be able to present his own point of view about it writing a successful research proposal on the topic.

The proposal is the ticket to writing a great research paper, so students should know how to prepare this brief paper well to get the chance to investigate the problem deeper. The best way to prepare a good research proposal is to look through a good model for writing offered by a teacher or more often found in the Internet. A free example research proposal on social media explains the way of writing of such kind of paper on the example of the particular situation. A student will get the idea of writing the paper correctly when he reads a free sample research proposal on social media in the web. He will see the required structure, possible manner of data presentation and rules of formatting.

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