Research Proposal on Teachers

A teacher is one of the oldest and most respected professions which is aimed at the training and development of the future generations. The core role of a teacher is to share his knowledge and experience of the human civilization with young people and assist them in the process of socialization. The profession is really very old but it became popular not so long ago, because centuries ago education was affordable only for the privileged classes of people and cost much money. No wonder, such phenomenon as a family teacher existed very long; a member of a family, generally a mother taught her children the basic rules of the life in the society and shared her knowledge about the world around. With the increase of population and the demand of educated people various educational institutions were established: schools, colleges and universities.

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Of course, if parents had money, they could hire a private teacher instead of sending their child to school with other children. The role of teacher increased with the development of the human civilization, because the price of knowledge has been constantly increasing. The humanity has accumulated so much information on various disciplines and sciences, that the profession of a teacher became varied and a separate teacher specializes on the one major discipline, no wonder the number of teacher is constantly increasing. It is obvious that one can not become a teacher simply become he knows the material well; he has to possess special professional skills required for the work with children: patience, knowledge on psychology, communicative and persuasive skills, ability to control the class, their attention and ability to catch information.

A teacher is surely one of the most complicated professions which require time, nerves and responsibility. One should know that the results of the work can not be seen at once, they are noticed only many years after. When a student has decided to research the topic on teachers, he should get to know about the meaning and importance of this profession, its principles and aspects, advantages and disadvantages, personal requirements towards teachers and the appropriate set of character an ideal teacher should possess. When one thinks about these core questions and proves the value of the predicted results of the research, he will succeed in the research proposal writing and persuade the professor that his research will be valuable for the discipline.

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