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Teaching English is the term which refers to the pedagogues who teach English to the students whose native language in not English. It is quite difficult to learn a second language and this process requires patience, time, efforts and responsibility. It is obvious that one will never manage to learn a foreign language at once, because this is a long and complicated process. The pedagogues have been working constantly on the creation of the new effective techniques and methods which can make the process of education easier and of higher quality. The main principles and points which indicate the quality of the educational process are the activities of reading, writing, speaking or communicative skills. There have been invented numerous methods and special courses for the students from all over the world, who want to learn English as their second language.

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First of all there is school education, which is supposed to give students the basics of the language, they are supposed to learn about grammar, morphology, phonetics and other fundamental matters. Of course, a school course can not be called the essential method, so students apply for the universal course of TEFL, which enables students to get involved into the dynamic course of learning English and all its core elements. Naturally, the success of learning a foreign language is measured according to the student’s commutative ability, so the key attention of the course is paid to communication, reading and reproduction of the information.

Teaching English is a complicated process, which requires knowledge, time and professional skills.

A teacher should be an expert and possess all the qualities which will help his deliver information to students and assist them in the process of education. It is obvious that one should possess not only knowledge on the language, but the personal qualities and knowledge on psychology. If a student wants to devote time to the research of the topic on teaching English and has invented a few new methods and techniques which can make the process more effective, he can try to prepare a good teaching English research proposal. A successful paper is supposed to explain the purpose of the research, demonstrate the expected results and the methods of the investigation.

The process of research proposal writing is quite a difficult process, because one should possess deep knowledge about the standards and rules of paper writing. With the help of the Internet a student can find a good free sample research proposal on teaching English second language and understand how to organize the paper well. It is sensible to look through a well-formatted free example research proposal on English language teaching and increase chance to complete a good paper.

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