Research Proposal on Teenage Smoking

Teenage smoking is a widespread problem relevant all over the world, because more than 90 percent of heavy smokers started smoking being teens. The danger of smoking has become advertised recently, because due to the profound investigations and experiments the scientists have proved that smoking causes harm to the human physical and psychological health. It is obvious that teenagers do not start smoking because of the physical necessity or shortage of the ingredients and elements which can be found in a cigarette. The main reason is to try something new and seem cool and grown-up in the eyes of friends and other teenagers. Moreover, nearly every teenager tries to protest against the world around and smoking is the best thing to seem different for them. It is obvious that there are other factors, which cause teenage smoking but they are generally connected with the society and social environment around the teenager.

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For example, there is a probability that one starts smoking when he observes his parents smoking heavily. Evidently, teenage smoking is an urgent and important problem which requires quick solutions. People speak about the danger of smoking all the time, but teenagers never pay attention to such words, because they believe that their organism is young and they will be healthy forever. It is obvious that they will not and smoking spoils teenager’s teeth, skin, lungs, heart and causes the risk of cancer. There are many methods and social programs which do their best to reduce the rates of teenage smoking but only a small percent of the teenagers return to the normal healthy life and give up smoking, so the problem still requires solutions and fresh approach.

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